We at SoCal Mobile Massage, LLC believe in being a positive influence throughout the community’s in our area. We help to raise funds for these organizations because they put their hard work and time into making positive differences in peoples lives, and animals lives throughout our community and throughout the world. If you are not already involved with an organization, I urge you to also make a difference and volunteer or donate to a cause that you believe in.We can all make a positive difference in someones life.

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Miracle for Kids

Our mission is to improve the lives of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

team heal

Helping Student Athletes Play Safer and Stay Healthy for Over 2 Decades Our comprehensive mission is to bring injury prevention, medical care, athletic training, healthcare awareness, mentoring and academic support to high school athletes.

the alliance for childrens rights

Children’s Rights protects the rights of impoverished, abused and neglected children and youth. By providing free legal services and advocacy, the Alliance ensures children have safe, stable homes, healthcare and the education they need to thrive. For many of our clients, the Alliance is the only connection to a safer, brighter future.

Life Group LA

The Life Group LA is a coalition of people dedicated to the education, empowerment and emotional support of persons both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS so that they may make informed choices and decisions regarding their healthcare and personal well being.